As we celebrate the second year of marijuana legalization in California, THW Lab and Nanofarms have joined forces to introduce the most complete and efficient way to grow cannabis at home. Our complete, Turnkey Cannabis Grow Solutions employ THW Lab’s field-proven automated indoor drip systems, and Nanofarms expert growing technique and cloning technology to deliver groundbreaking new grow solutions tailored specifically for any home gardening enthusiast with a desire to grow their own premium-quality cannabis for private recreational or medical purposes.

Complete, Turnkey Cannabis Grow Solutions

Our Turnkey Cannabis Grow Solutions can be easily integrated into your daily routine, and are custom tailored for the aspiring farmer with limited time, space and resources. Each solution employs THW Lab’s innovative Top-Yield grow system, and packs all the hardware you need to get started, including a small-footprint 2’ x 4’ growth tent, efficient watering apparatus, power-saving LED installation, and automated metering devices. In addition, each solution includes 18 of Nanofarms Ready-to-Flower, 100% female cannabis plants. Starting with hand-picked, healthy, premium clones dramatically shortens each growing cycle, and completely eliminates the risk of raising unproductive males. Customers can reap the rewards of their first harvest in as little as 8 weeks!

Key Benefits:

  • Includes 18 Ready to Flower Cannabis Plants
  • Guaranteed Productive Cannabis plants – 100% female
  • Grow All Year Round!
  • Faster Harvests in as little as 8 weeks
  • Enjoy consuming your own homegrown, organic cannabis
  • Controlled indoor environment for optimal yields
  • Automated watering & LED lighting system with configurable timers
  • Easy step-by-step installation guide for beginners
  • Expert Help & Customer Service from start to finish
  • Guided Grow Services for Optimal Yields

Want to Learn More?

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