Turnkey Cannabis Grow Solutions

Our Turnkey Cannabis solutions are ready to go, right out of the ”box”. Each solution includes a compact, insulated grow tent, eco-friendly irrigation system and full LED lighting installation, which can be quickly installed and configured by anyone familiar with basic hand tools. In addition, each grow solution includes a steady supply of ready to flower cannabis trees, multiple season’s worth of specially formulated nutrient supplement and a plentiful stock of high-grade grow medium to ensure rich, bountiful harvests for three complete growing cycles.

Includes Ready to Flower Cannabis Trees

Unlike conventional grow systems that start from seedlings, our Turnkey Cannabis solutions were designed to simplify and streamline each grow season, by including a steady supply of ready-to-flower female clones cultivated by Nanofarms. Nanofarms specializes in the production and standardization of whole-flower cannabis for medicinal purposes. Years of scientific research, mastery of cloning technology, and farm-scale greenhouse expertise has enabled Nanofarms to perfect a variety of unique cannabis strains ideally suited for home growing, for personal enjoyment and medical purposes. These premium strains were chosen for their predictable growth cycle, hearty constitution and consistent, high-quality yields.
The ready to flower state of each tree eliminates the risk of raising unproductive males while dramatically shortening the grow cycle. Customers can reap the rewards of their first harvest in as little as 8 weeks!

Automation Makes Growing Easy

Each solution benefits from a suite of built-in metering and monitoring devices designed to automate the entire growing process from start to finish by enabling the irrigation, LED lighting, and ventilation systems to work in unison. Customers can easily configure the system to account for humidity, temperature and air quality, and establish routine maintenance to take the sting out of home growing. The user friendly monitoring interfaces take most of the guesswork out of cannabis farming, and allow even the most novice farmer easily measure and control humidity, temperature and hydration.

Expert Help is always on Hand

We are dedicated to our customer base, from the initial point of sale, through the entirety of the growing process.
Our Experienced Customer Service Team is ready to answer any questions you may have about our “Turnkey Cannabis solutions”, from assembling the grow tent and simple maintenance tips through long-term planning for a multi-season project.

We Make Growing Simple Yet Affordable

For a limited time only, during ICBC 2019, our “Turnkey Cannabis” 2’ x 4’ Grow Solution is available for only $999.00 – a 25% discount off the usual market price for one of our most popular growing kits. This special offer is available for only for show attendees.

  • 1x Top-Yield 6 Plants Drip System – hydroponic dripper, submersible water pump, reservoir tank, 6 pots
  • 18x Ready to Flower Cannabis trees
  • 1x Top-Yield 360W LED Grow Light – PAR-optimized grow LED
  • 1x Top-Yield 2′ x 4′ Plant Grow Tent – 24″x48″x80″ reflective mylar insulation shelter
  • Ventilation System – intake/exhaust fans, carbon filter, air ducts
  • Meters and Monitoring devices – hygro-thermometer, pH-meter, ppm-meter
  • Accessories – timers, trellis net, measuring cup, etc.
  • Grow-along videos and user manual
  • 1-Year Warranty